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Volunteer Opportunities

We Need Your Help! Become a TCT Volunteer

Volunteers are the backbone of the Temple Civic Theatre and we truly appreciate all the wonderful effort and creative thinking of our volunteers. There are many ways to be involved at TCT as a volunteer. These opportunities are a perfect way to match your interests and talents and involve as little or as much time as you’d like to spend. Call 254-778-4751 for more information.

You may also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you're interested in volunteering. When you email, please let us know your interest(s) and/or experience.

Volunteer opportunities are divided into several categories.


STAGE MANAGER -- Attends auditions and every rehearsal. Sees that the rehearsals run smoothly. Supervises performance of show from backstage. Prompts lines as needed from the script during rehearsals. Fills in for absent actors as necessary for blocking purposes. Records notes and cues in prompt book.

COSTUME COORDINATOR -- Consults closely with director to provide costuming appropriate to the performance. Coordinates costume crew. Supervises fittings, research, color coordination with set and lighting, and costume changes during the show, including necessary cleaning and repairs. Oversees cleaning and returning borrowed or rented costumes.

COSTUME CREW -- Requires a basic knowledge of sewing skills. Depending on the skill of the volunteer, the jobs range from buttons, hems and trim, to the actual construction of a garment. May also help with costume changes during the performances.

MAKE-UP & HAIR COORDINATOR -- Coordinates crew members. Confers with director to find out desired effect for each character as to age, health, lines and shadows, beards and hair. Discusses the period and style of the production. Checks make-up supplies and prepares orders for necessary supplies.

MAKE-UP & HAIR CREW -- Assist actors with hair and make-up during performances.

LIGHTING DESIGNER -- Coordinate crew members. Consults with director, set designer and tech director for their interpretation and motivational lighting, and any needed special lighting effects. Prepares a lighting plan.

LIGHTING CREW -- Hang and focus lighting instruments. Operate light board during rehearsals and performances. Operate spotlights if necessary.

SOUND DESIGNER -- Coordinates crew members. Reads play and confers with director, noting each sound cue and how it will be produced. Gathers needed materials. Attends rehearsals to check timing of sound cues.

SOUND CREW -- Operates sound board and sound equipment during rehearsals and performances.

PROPERTIES CREW -- Confers with director, tech director and/or set designer. Makes a detailed property list to be used in gathering and in setting up for performances. (Properties are all of the set dressing and small articles used in a production such as furniture, books, dishes, lamps, luggage, weapons, food, etc.) Many of our props are pulled from our stock or bought or borrowed from local businesses, antique stores and individuals. Some props are made from scratch, while others must be searched for. Makes sure all the props are in the right place before the performance and between each scene.

SET CONSTRUCTION -- Help build, cover, repair and move scenery. Set construction encompasses a wide variety of construction techniques and materials. Some of the materials used in scenery are wood, metal, foam, plastic and fabric.

SET PAINTING -- Paints scenery, floors and/or backdrops after they have been constructed. Encompasses a wide variety of techniques and materials.

RUNNING CREW -- Responsible for all the moving scenery on stage. Also places and removes furniture and props during scene changes.


MUSICAL DIRECTOR -- Responsible for rehearsing the musical numbers in the show. Participates in the audition process and consults with the director on casting decisions. Schedules rehearsals after consultation with the director and recruits the musicians needed for performance.

CHOREOGRAPHER -- Runs the dance portion of auditions and consults with the director on casting decisions. Designs all dance movement within the show and assists the director in blocking scenes with large numbers of cast involved. Teaches cast members all dance movements and schedules dance rehearsal times after consultation with the director.

MUSICIANS -- Musicals require different types of musical accompaniment, including instrumental or piano, or a combination of the two. Depending on the requirements of individual shows, different numbers of musicians may be utilized. The musical director recruits players and rehearses them prior to joining the main show rehearsals.


PERFORMERS -- All performers start with an audition. Those planning to audition will be asked to read from the script. If the audition is for a musical, participants will be asked to sing and take part in a dance audition.


BOX OFFICE -- Work in the box office to help sell tickets and distribute already reserved tickets. Involves both daytime hours and evening hours immediately before a show.

HOUSE MANAGERS -- Supervise the lobby and auditorium during a performance. This includes coordinating the ushers, indicating when to open the doors for seating to begin, greeting audience members as they enter the building, and helping prepare for intermission. You also take care of latecomers and seat them in the Saulsbury Room to view the show on the television monitor until they can be taken into the house. It is usually difficult to be a house manager at the same performance you want to see the show because you have duties outside while the show is performing in the auditorium. Must be at theatre one hour before show starts.

USHERS -- Stand inside the auditorium doors and distribute programs and help audience members locate their seats. Ushers also operate the concessions during intermission(s). Must be at theatre 45 minutes before show starts and stay until the end of the last intermission.

HISTORIAN & SCRAPBOOK -- Helps keep Temple Civic Theatre history. Hours are highly flexible.

MAILING COMMITTEE -- Addresses, sorts and prepares bulk mailing the theatre sends to its members and mailing list.

PHOTOGRAPHER -- Takes photos of cast, crew, etc. prior to and during the production. The photos are used for promotional materials and the scrapbook.

ADMINISTRATIVE HELPERS -- Assist the theatre with various tasks during the year, such as contacting businesses about putting ads in the programs, contacting media outlets with publicity about the shows, or writing applications for grant funds.

For more information, please call the theatre at 254-778-4751.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Temple Civic Theatre is to produce theatre of the highest caliber, to enlist regional talent through open auditions, to educate youth and adults in all aspects of theatre, and to provide opportunities for and encourage participation by volunteers, thus enriching the artistic and cultural base of the communities of Central Texas.

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